kitchen dining table in marble


Customised products for the home in the highest quality marble, quartz and granite, courtesy of Benfleet's Marble & Granite Works Ltd


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Marble looks incredibly beautiful, with its unmistakable texture and finish. It's also highly heat resistant.

Look after your marble countertop well, and it will provide you with long-lasting usage and aesthetic brilliance that is quite simply unmatched. No wonder that, when well-maintained, it's capable of lifting the value of your property by a considerable sum.

Granite worktop.jpg


This natural material is not only undeniably beautiful, making for a fine centrepiece to any room, but it's extremely tough.

Granite is highly resistant to heat and surface scratches. Although porous, with a good sealant applied it will ward off stains without any trouble whatsoever. It goes without saying that granite will give your property value a healthy boost.

Quartz Worktop.JPG


What makes quartz such a great material for kitchen surfaces? For one thing, it is less porous than marble, meaning it is resistant to staining. It is also a lot harder, so will not scratch as easily. Given that we can accurately mimic the appearance of marble ,we think quartz is an excellent ,versatile, cost-effective choice that looks absolutely stunning and will last the test of time.


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